Hotel La Mamounia

This palace is an extremely elegant and sophisticated hotel where actress Jennifer Aniston, footballer David Beckham, and the one-and-only Winston Churchill have enjoyed their stay. The hotel itself has the most sumptuous traditional Moroccan décor with zellij everywhere, enormous chandeliers, doormen dressed in traditional attire, and fountains surrounded by beautiful lights. The rooms are just as incredible, with rooms, suites, and riads. The rooms are spacious with elegant Moroccan décor and white marble bathrooms, while the suites are larger, with bedrooms that include a walk-in closet, white marble bathrooms with a shower and a bath, a large living area, and a terrace overlooking the stunning pool and gardens. Last but not least, the riads, that are generously spacious, feature three rooms, each with a walk-in wardrobe, four bathrooms, an indoor lounge, a dining area, a kitchen, your own private pool, a terrace, and much more! The stay at La Mamounia has been described by many as a unique traditional experience.

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Marrakech, Maroc